Community Profile

Somali Community in Bristol
A wide range of estimates of the Somali population in Bristol are regularly quoted, with some estimates of up to 30,000 Somalis living in Bristol. It is known that there has been a significant increase in the number of Somalis in Bristol, however, it is difficult to produce any reliable estimates.

Bristol City Council (2011). Information Sheet: Somali Community in Bristol

Bristol Somali Community Profile – pdf

Somali Population Estimate
The Somali population are not identified as a separate ethnic group in the 2011 Census but are included in both the Black African and Black Other groups, depending on which tick box people chose on the Census questionnaire.

The best estimate we can make of the number of Somalis living in Bristol is to take the number of Black Africans and Black Others who identified themselves as Muslims and to then subtract those Muslims born in parts of Africa outside Eastern Africa. This gives us a Somali population estimate of 8,100.

Local knowledge suggests that it is likely that some Somalis, in particular men living in informal accommodation, may have been under estimated by the 2011 Census. Taking this into consideration, our local estimate of the number of Somalis living in Bristol in 2001 is around 10,000.

Bristol City Council (2013). 2011 Census Topic Report: Community Cohesion Statistics (July 2013), p7


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